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Living Hope Community Church

Lunch and Learn

Each week after our Sunday morning service we gather together around a potluck meal. Once we have settled into our seats and are mostly finished eating we begin our discipleship study, led by one of the elders. We use this time to come together in a more informal setting as a body of Christ to fellowship and to study. The current lesson we are going through is Multiply by Francis Chan. We encourage everyone to stay and join us for lunch and learn.



What is discipleship? According to The Lexham Cultural Ontology Glossary, discipleship is the process of training people incrementally in some discipline or way of life. This is how Jesus trained the first twelve men that He used to turn the world upside down.

Here at LHCC, we believe that discipleship plays a significant part in the maturing of the family of GOD. While it’s true that each person is accountable for their own spiritual growth, we as a church believe that it is important to have training and accountability available for the local body of believers knitted together by GOD.

We invest in people’s lives, not for our own gain but, to compel them to be focused on Kingdom work. We are ambassadors of the Kingdom of GOD and it is our duty to show others how to serve our LORD, JESUS Christ. We want to have an “all in” attitude and be able to say that it is worthy work no matter the cost.

Below are a few ways you can join us in this endeavor of becoming a disciple and training disciples.
Sunday morning Worship 10:00AM
Lunch and Learn Sunday 11:15AM
Wednesday Night Bible Study 6:30 PM
Small Groups

Ministry of the Month
Correy and Olivia Scally

Off The Wall Discipleship
Founded in 2009
Our mission is to reproduce passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.
Our Vision is to see those disciples reproducing passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.
One on One Discipelship

Here at LHCC we believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired infallible Word of GOD, Inerrant in the original autographs.

The Bible does not contain the Word of GOD it is the Word of GOD.

Within it's pages is everything we need to know for what we are to believe and how we are to behave.

The Bible is the final authority for the true Christian in all matters of faith and practice.