The Shepherd's Call

Hello Everyone,
I see a large part of my calling as your pastor is to help you to grow in your knowledge of the truth of God, to challenge you to think more biblically, and to encourage you in your walk of faith in Christ (though I would say that we are all called to do all these things to one another as well).
In an effort to fulfill that goal I am going to begin sharing links to articles, videos, etc. that speak to different issues having to do with the church, Christian living, theology, etc. 
I think (and hope) a beneficial byproduct of everyone accessing the same content each week will provide opportunity for everyone to have something biblical to converse about when together (this will provide for those proverbial iron sharpening iron activities). We need to not only be thinking and reading about these things, but we need to be talking with one another about them.
I understand that some of you may not feel adequate to talk about some of them, but that is actually the perfect reason to bring them up. Learning comes by hearing and discussing.

No Prayer, No Power
How Should We Then Worship?
This article echoes some things I have preached and perhaps some other articles that I have sent in the past, but it is always an important topic. It is always important to be reminded of what are the main things that we as Christians are to be focused upon in our lives and as a church.
We are to be living to worship God, build up believers and evangelize the lost. 
That is our focus. It is not complicated, complex or fancy. If we can simply focus ourselves to do those three things, we will be among those who will be fulfilling God's purpose for the church on this earth.
This article focuses upon the worship of God in the context of the weekly gathering.
A dangerous passion for growth
Hello Beloved,
Today I am sending you an article to read. I think it is a very balanced article on the mindset towards church growth.
7 Reasons Some Churches Experience Revitalization (While Others Don’t)
Demons on a Leash
 I have an article for you today that covers an interesting topic, demons and Satanic activity. This is a topic that can have much misunderstanding involved with it. The author of this article is the same author of a book I was assigned to read while in seminary, Angels: Elect and Evil. That being said, I know that this person has a solid grasp on the subject.
3 Principles for Asking for Forgiveness
I hope and pray that you are all having a blessed week. As I like to remind you periodically, don't forget to pray for one another. And, if you have something for us to pray for, please feel free to email me or call me during the week.
For this week I am passing on an article that deals with a subject about which I am sure we all need improvement.
Is It Really Jesus Calling?
   I wish to give you something to read. There are always many voices out there seeking to influence our thinking. We, of course, as Christians need to make sure that Scripture informs everything we think. We always need to be leery when others are telling us that they have received "a word from the Lord" that is incumbent upon you to follow or believe or to allow to shape your view of Jesus, salvation, etc.
Yet, in the popular book, Jesus Calling, the author does just that. She claims that she has received words from Jesus and has written them in a book for you to read. I am tempted to go on, but that would negate the reason for reading the article. 
Christian Understanding of Islam
This week I am sending a video to you that is very interesting. Obviously, Islam is something that is on everyone's lips and in everyone's ears these days. This is a discussion about Islam and, specifically, the Christian's response and responsibility toward Islamic people. 
We must be informed and ready to give the reason for the hope that we have in Christ to all people, even Muslims.
I hope you are having a blessed week in Christ and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday,
Hello Beloved,
I hope you are all doing well this week. I have a short, but important, video for you to watch. I, as your pastor, take both solace and direction from what is said in the video. I also hope that you will understand why I try to do what I do. It may not be flashy, it may not draw large crowds of people, but it is an honest effort to honor God's Word.
Help for those who feel “Disconnected” at Church
if you are not feeling "connected" at church, this article may have the answer for you. I, for one, really appreciate the answer given to this problem. Please read and consider. 
The Osteen Predicament — Mere Happiness Cannot Bear the Weight of the Gospel
Once again we have the opportunity to learn a valuable lesson by comparing the teachings of false teachers by truly biblical teaching.
This time our false teachers are the Osteens.
Please read the article I've attached to this email to see the importance of preaching that transcends all cultures and situations.
I remember being told in seminary many times that if your preaching does not apply outside of your zip code, then you need to change what you are preaching because it is not biblical preaching.
You'll understand more what I mean by reading the article.
Has Beth Moore Become a False Teacher?
Hello Beloved,
The following is a popular, mainstream false teacher alert. 
It is an hour long video, but if you have ever been a part of a Beth Moore Bible study or currently follow any of her materials you will want to watch it.
If the above sentence does describe you and you have been unaware of her errant teachings, then I ask you to watch desiring only to be devoted to truth and not to a person.
Let me just say that we can all make mistakes in things that we say or believe. But what is important is that when we are shown from Scripture what the truth is, we adhere to the truth of Scripture. 
Never believe something only because I or anyone tells you to believe it! Be a Berean and search the Scriptures to verify that what is being said is true.
 We have been created to worship, and we take part in a special time of worship each week when we come together. Please read this article to check yourself on the mindset you come with in those times of worship.
Character Is King
When God Loves Me Too Much
This is a short article about how God sometimes withholds things that we want to fulfill His good purposes in us.
What's Missing in Our Worship?
Asking God For Too Much? Maybe You're Asking For Too Little.
I have a short article for you to read this week on prayer. It can be easy to misconstrue the gist of the subject matter. Please understand the balance that is involved, but I do think that the writer has a point on how we sometimes pray too small.

Bitter Pills: 4 Unpleasantries that Make for Healthy Churches